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Muskoka Paddling

Muskoka – A Paddling Paradise for Canoe and Kayak Lovers

Muskoka PaddlingIt is no wonder that paddling is so popular in Muskoka. The vast number of lakes, rivers and streams make this part of Ontario a paddling paradise for canoes and kayakers who come from around the world. Much of the province’s history is based on the story of explorer’s paddling their way westward in search of passages to assist the fur trade. Whether you have a cottage in the area and lucky enough to be a local, or if you are just visiting for a vacation, be sure to get on the water as part of your experience.

You can take advantage of river routes or lake circuits giving you access to some of the most beautiful areas of cottage country. Some of the paddling routes are quite popular during the summer so if you are looking for more seclusion you will have to plan your trip in the spring or fall months or try the weekdays of the summer rather than weekends. And of course, the deeper you paddle into the back country the more seclusion you will have.

We have a growing list of some great paddling routes in the Muskoka area. Just click on any of them to get a better explanation of what it’s about. But before you venture out onto the water here are a few things you should consider…

Water levels vary significantly from season to season. Keep this in mind when embarking on your paddling adventure.

Know you skill level. People do perish on some of the Muskokan waterways. Whitewater should not be tackled unless you are an experience paddler. And even experienced canoeists can still get themselves into serious trouble.

We have tried to break down some of the most interesting paddling routes in Muskoka into sub-geographic areas depending on where you live or intend to visit during your next vacation.

Guide to Muskoka Area Paddling Routes

High Country

  • Beausoleil Island
  • Big East River
  • Hollow River
  • Black River
  • Oxtongue River
  • Dividing Lake Provincial Park Route
  • Hollow RiverPark Lake

Muskoka Rivers

  • Muskoka River North
  • Muskoka River South

Muskoka Lakes

  • Lake Joseph
  • Lake Rosseau
  • Lake Muskoka
  • Lake of Bays
  • Rosseau River
  • Black Lake Loop
  • Gun Lake Route
  • McKewan Margaret Lake
  • Poker Lake Route

Georgian Bay Rivers

  • Gibson MacDonald Route
  • Healy Lake Moon River Route
  • Sequin River
  • Severn River

Georgian Bay

  • Big Sound
  • Clear Lake Loop
  • Georgian Bay Kayaking
  • Port Rawson Bay
  • South Channel Spider Bay Route

If we missed a paddling route on our guide in the Muskoka area, and you would like it to be included on our list please complete our Link Request Form.

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