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Three Words That Conjure Up All Kinds of Emotion

“Buying real estate in Muskoka? Yeah, right. Isn’t that where Millionaire’s Row is?”

No doubt you have either heard these kinds of comments from friends or even uttered them yourself as you read or hear about some of the opulent waterfront properties in the heart of Muskoka that have come to be synonymous with Muskoka real estate.

But what is the state of the market right now? And what’s true or not true. Is it impossible to find potential cottage property anymore? Aren’t there a lot of lakes in that part of Ontario?

Well, here at Experience-Muskoka.com we hope to enlighten you a little bit about the area itself and the general picture about the real estate market. Once you know more about the area, from using our resources about all the lakes, recreation opportunities, the different communities, and the festivals, you can decide what approach to take in finding your dream property based on your own budget.

Oh yes, to answer your question. There are a lot of lakes in the area, over 900 in Muskoka alone. So use our research and mapping functions to learn more about a potential area that appeals to you.

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  • Muskoka Real Estate

    A new experience in Real Estate, Gibson Lake, Go Home Lake, Six Mile Lake

Whether you can afford a waterfront property on one of the famed lakes with clear water and Group of Seven (famous Canadian painters in case you were wondering) views or a beautiful rural backlot not far from water, you’ll be in a position to make that determination if you scour our site from top to bottom.

So rather than overwhelm you with too much information about the nuances of the real estate market in Muskoka all at once, we will be compiling some of the key interesting aspects of the market into shorter manageable articles that will help you find the right property or the right realtor and get you up to speed fairly quickly.

  • Where is the market going? Vacation property real estate future.
  • What are the market forces driving the recreation vacation property market?
  • What can you get for your money?
  • Waterfront or empty lot?
  • Renovate and winterize?
  • Recreation or retirement?
  • Top Realtors to help you out.

Our goal is to create a Muskoka real estate 101 course to give you the basics you need to successfully navigate this market. Check back soon for more information on Muskoka real estate.

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