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Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin provincial park is one of the oldest and most famous parks in Canada. It encompasses a vast area of crystal clear lakes, lowlands, rolling hills, rocky outcroppings, thick forests of hardwood and conifers, rivers and streams. It is a park that takes a visitor back in time to when Canada was just being explored because much has remained the same over this time. The busiest area of the park from the Muskoka access points are along Hwy 60 that goes east from Huntsville.

From Hwy 60 are more comfortable camping areas with some facilities such as toilets and showers. However, much of the lure of Algonquin park is the interior lakes and rivers which are only accessible by canoe or foot. These campsites are rustic with little more than an area to have a small controlled cooking fire and a nearby privy (outhouse). The busy months are from July to September when the bugs have disappeared in most areas and the water is warm.

Before you embark on an interior camping adventure into Algonquin park be sure to contact the closest rangers office and get your name on the list as they regulate the number of people into the interior.

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