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Torrance Barrens

Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve is a rare geological and environmental area in Muskoka that is rocky and barren as its name implies. It has a hiking trail that traverses the reserve. But it is famous as an amazing place to observe the stars on clear nights. It seems to be just far enough away from any major city that its dark skies contrast perfectly with the remote lights across the skies. In fact, its also call the Dark Sky Reserve because of this.

To access Torrance Barrens, take Hwy 169 from Gravenhurst north to Torrance and turn south on to Clear Lake Road. Alternate road access from Torrance south on Southwood Road (Muskoka Road 13) and travel 7 kilometres to the Torrance Barrens sign. The trail is marked with stone cairns, white marks on rocks and metal signs.

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