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Waubaushene to Big Chute and Severn Falls Bike Route

Difficulty: 3 out of 5
Distance: 69 km
Roads: Asphalt
Towns: Waubaushene, Port Severn, South Bay, Big Chute, Severn Falls

This is a classic ride between two of Muskoka’s largest centers with scenic lakes, dense forest and hills.

The Route

This is a one leg trip. You will see beautiful Georgian Bay and then head off into the mainland along the famed Trent-Severn waterway before heading back to Waubaushene.

Starting from Waubaushene, cross the narrow bridge at Matchedash Bay. Take Quarry Rd and onto W Service Rd. At Port Severn Rd, turn right and cross over Hwy 69/400 into Port Severn. There is a stop sign at Rawley Lodge. Go past it and cycle over another narrow bridge to Lock 45 Visitor’s Centre. Take a minute to see the western gateway to the Trent-Severn Waterway Canal that links Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay.

Now get on to Honey Harbour Rd (5) and follow it all the way to South Bay Rd (58). Turn right onto South Bay Rd and ride it all the way to Hwy 69/400. Cross the Hwy and get onto White Falls Rd (34). Enjoy the red granite stone landscape as you head east further inland just south of Six Mile Lake. When you get to Big Chute take a moment to look at the 18 m high waterfalls. Now cross the canal onto Simcoe Rd 17 and enjoy a fairly relaxing pedal into Severn Falls.

You will ride through the Matchedash Valley along Rd 17 which becomes Big Chute Rd. Stay on Big Chute Rd all the way to Coldwater. At Coldwater, turn right and head north along Rd 16 back to Waubaushene.

Congratulations! You made it.

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