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Muskoka Cycling

Cycling in Muskoka – See Ontario From a Different Perspective

Muskoka CyclingOntario has enough geological diversity to fuel a lifetime of cycling adventures. And the Muskoka region, about a two hour drive north of Toronto, known around the world for its beautiful summer cottage and lake lifestyle, offers some exceptional cycling experiences to really see and feel the land.

If you are reasonably fit, there really is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the land, lakes, forests, and unique communities than by riding through the heart of Muskoka on your bike with a group of friends or by yourself.

On a road bike, you can literally hop on and pedal from town to town, cool off with a quick refreshing dip in one of the over 900 lakes in the area, and be back in the saddle riding off into the distance. And with a mountain bike you can go deep into the forests for a totally different experience.


Here are some great suggest biking routes that will give you a broad experience of the heart of Muskoka. But don’t think this is all there is. It’s just a start. With a map in hand, there are virtually no limits. These two cycling routes, however seem to encapsulate what really makes Muskoka special. You’ll see lakes, rolling hills, water falls, and rock formations.

Cycling Routes

Mountain Biking Routes

The hilly forested terrain of much of Muskoka makes this area a perfect place to ride your mountain bike. Many of the trails in Muskoka can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.

So in order to find some great places for mountain biking go to Trails Guide (link to hiking trails page) and see which locations will offer you the biking experience you are looking for.

Before you pedal off into the sunset, take a few minutes to learn a bit more about cycling the roads in Ontario. (link to cycling tips page). Enjoy your cycling experience in Muskoka!

Cycling Tips

If we missed a cycling route on our guide in the Muskoka area, and you would like it to be included on our list please complete our Link Request Form.

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