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Huntsville To Bracebridge Bike Route

Difficulty: 4 out of 5
Distance: 120 km, Recommended as two legs, Huntsville to Bracebridge (60 km), Bracebridge to Huntsville (60 km)
Roads: Asphalt
Towns: Huntsville, North Portage, South Portage, Bona Vista, Baysville, Bracebridge, Port Sydney

The Route

This is a recommended two leg trip. But if you are really fit and energetic you could do this in one day by not turning into Bracebridge and instead turning from Rd 117 to Bonnie Lake Rd 46.

First Leg

Start from Muskoka Rd 3 in Hunstville and turn onto Hwy 60 heading west. You’ll pass alongside Fairy Lake. When you get to the end of Fairy Lake and Deerhurst golf course comes into view you will have to turn off of Hwy 60 onto to Foot and Bay Rd. At Canal turn left onto North Portage Ro and follow it to South Portage .

From South Portage turn right onto Portage Road (9) and follow it along side Lake of Bays all the way to the intersection of Britannia Rd (2). Take Rd 2 to Baysville. At Baysville get onto Rd 117 and take it east to Bracebridge. Cross Hwy 11 over the Baysville Bridge. It now becomes Cedar Lane. You can take Cedar Lane right into Bracebridge and find a place to stay for the evening.

Second Leg

Retrace your route back along Cedar Lane and cross Hwy 11 and go to the Bracebridge Golf Club. Turn onto Bonnie Lake Rd (46). Turn right at the T intersection at Stephenson Rd. It then becomes Rd 46 again (Deer Lake Rd). You will pass Faun Lake and start heading north again to the south end of Mary Lake near Port Sydney.

Turn right onto Rd 10 along the south shore of Mary Lake. From the Muskoka Lodge you will turn away from the lake and eventually meet the intersection of Brunel Meadows Rd (2). Turn left and head back into Huntsville.

Congratulations! You made it.

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  • Your instructions for the Huntsville to Bracebridge Bike Route leave a little to be desired:
    Hwy 60 heads EAST, not west from Huntsville. Where is Foot and Bay Road ? Did you mean Canal Road ? The route south of Britania Road is Muskoka Road 9 until one reaches Muskoka Road 2 several kilometres south of Britannia Road. At Baysville one would do better to follow Muskoka Road 117 WEST, not east to Bracebridge. On the return journey the correct name for the Brunel Meadows Road would appear to be simply Brunel Road (Muskoka Road 2).
    Have you considered adding your bike routes to the basic Google Map under “Bicycling”. Would you like me to add the route for you ? Note my own efforts encircling most of Georgian Bay, and also the route north from Huntsville to the junction of Hwys 518 and 592 near Emsdale. (Another Google editor marked the route north from there to Burks Falls. One day hopefully we will have a route established extending all the way from North Bay to the south.

    Denis Baldwin

    Comment by Denis Baldwin — April 13, 2013 @ 3:05 pm

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